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Robot Preventive Maintenance

Robot Preventive Maintenance

Optimized for the Future

Preventive maintenance is the difference between the company that invests in keeping their system working to its highest potential and finds lower costs down the road and the company that runs their robotic system until it doesn’t run anymore and incurs high costs down the road for repairs.

Average costs for Replacements

- Teach Pendant Cable $450 - $550
- Arm Cables $1,000 - $2,000
- Controller to Arm Cables $2,000 - $3,500
- Servomotor $1,500 - $4,000
- RV Reducers $10,000 - $12,000

Average cost of preventive maintenance service

$2,000 annually

KC Robotics can complete a Preventive Maintenance call while you are on scheduled downtime to reduce potential income loss due to downtime and costly repairs.

Advantages of Preventive Maintenance

- Increases safety, potentially reducing insurance rates due to safer equipment.
- Increases uptime.
- Reduces need for spare parts on hand.
- Improves performance.
- Reduces waste.
- Reduces depreciation of the robotic equipment.
- Reduces delayed shipment of your product due to unforeseen downtime.

Daily Preventative Measures Checklist

Help protect your investments and keep your industrial robots running well into the future by taking a few minutes everyday to inspect your systems and catch potential risks before they turn into repairs.


Make sure that any energy sources are disabled using lockout/tagouts according to your company policy. If motion is needed, do not enter the work envelope until the robot has stopped.


Check air pressure using guages provided by your integrator.

Check cables for wear and tear and not just near the robot. KC Robotics can replace cables over night if needed.

Keep updated on your maintenance manuals and grease and battery replacement.

Inspect the controller cabinet regularly for dust and debris. If the cabinet is dirty, wipe the cabinet carefully with a clean cloth.

When the robot is in production, listen for any abnormal sounds during the first few cycles, this could be a sign of a problem inside the robot itself. For emergency service, call us at 1-800-7ROBOTS (1-800-776-2687).

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