Used Motoman Robots

Founded in 1989, Motoman is currently the second largest supplier of robotics in the Americas. Recently it was named one of the fastest growing automation companies in America.

As a Motoman Strategic Partner, KC Robotics has access to a wide selection of used robots from the Motoman lineup that may better fit your needs. If you have a model in mind but do not see it below, please call us and we can further assist you.

In 2011, Motoman moved into their newest state-of-the-art location in Miamisburg, Ohio. Due to the proximity of their headquarters and as a certified integrator, KC Robotics works very closely with Motoman to find the best solution for any client’s needs.

The robots below are only a few of the options you have to complete your integration solution. For more information on any of these robots, or to discuss your production line please email us or call us.

MA1400 DX10063kg1434 mm (h), 2511 mm (v)±0.08 mm130kg
MA1900 DX10063kg1904 mm (h), 3437 mm (v)±0.08 mm280kg
MA3100 DX10063kg3121 mm (h), 5615 mm (v)±0.15 mm501kg
MH5 DX10065kg706 mm (h), 1193 mm±0.20 mm130kg
MH6 DX100, FS10066kg1422 mm (h), 2486 mm (v)±0.08 mm130kg
HP20D DX100620kg1717 mm (h), 3063 mm (v)±0.06 mm
HP20D-A80 DX100620kg1717 mm (h), 3063 mm (v)±0.06 mm268kg
HP20D-6 DX10066kg1915 mm (h), 3459 mm (v)±0.06 mm273kg
HP20RD DX100620kg2017 mm (h), 3134 mm (v)±0.06 mm293kg
MH50 DX100650kg2061 mm (h), 3578 mm (v)±0.07 mm550kg
MH50-35 DX100635kg2538 mm (h), 3578 mm (v)±0.07 mm570kg
ES165D DX1006165kg2651 mm (h), 3372 mm (v)±0.20 mm1100kg
HP50 NX100650kg2046 mm±0.07 mm550kg
UP50 XRC650kg2046 mm±0.07 mm550kg
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