Used KUKA Robots

The results of KUKA Robot Group’s dedication to innovation, creativity, and passion for the robotics industry can be seen in production lines worldwide. Recently, KC Robotics was named a Platinum Integrator for KUKA, allowing us to share this brand with our clients in the United States.

KUKA’s utmost commitment to customers and business partners such as KC Robotics has set the milestone in robotics for 39 years. In 1973, KUKA unveiled the world’s first robot with 6 electromechanically driven axes and today they carry 4 and 6 axis robots with payloads from 3 kilograms to 1,300 kilograms.

The newest lines of robots, the Agilus and Quantec series are KUKA’s most versatile robots to date. Alone the Quantec Series covers a payload range of 90 kilograms to 300 kilograms.

These pages are just a few possibilities you can choose when you integrate a KUKA robot into your production line. For more information on the KUKA line of robots, please email us or call us.

KR 5 arc KR C2 ed0565kg1411mm±0.04 mm127kg
KR 5 arc HW KR C2 ed0565kg1423mm±0.04 mm126kg
KR 6-2 KR C2 ed0566kg1611 mm±0.05 mm235kg
KR 16-2 KR C2 ed05616kg1611 mm±0.05 mm235kg
KR 16-2 S KR C2 ed05616kg1611 mm±0.05 mm235kg
KR 16 L6-2 KR C2 ed0566kg1911 mm±0.05 mm240kg
KR 16 arc HW KR C2 ed05616kg1636 mm±0.05 mm245kg
KR 16 L8 arc HW KR C2 ed0568kg2015 mm±0.05 mm235kg
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