Used Fanuc Robots

KC ROBOTICS Inventories one of the largest Selections of Used Fanuc Robots in the U.S.

Fanuc Robots are known for their reliability and ease of operation. Fanuc Robotics manufactures a full line of industrial robots for numerous applications, including welding, painting, manufacturing applications, palletizing, material handling, and material removal. Fanuc robots are available in virtually every size and configuration to accommodate the customers' needs for payload, reach speed and orientation. Every used Fanuc robot from KC Robotics is fully inspected and calibrated to OEM standards.






ARCMATE 100i 6 RJ2 6kg 1368 mm
ARCMATE 100iB 6 RJ3iB 6kg 1373 mm
ARCMATE 120i 6 RJ3i 16kg 1542 mm
ARCMATE 120iL 6 RJ3i 10kg 1813 mm
ARCMATE 120iB 6 RJ3iB 20kg 1667 mm
ARCMATE 50iB/3L 6 RJ3iB 3kg 856 mm
ARCMATE 100iC 6 R-30iA 10kg 1420 mm
ARCMATE 100iC/6L 6 R-30iA 6kg 1632 mm
ARCMATE 120iC 6 R-30iA 20kg 1811 mm
ARCMATE 120iC/10L 6 R-30iA 10kg 2009 mm
ARCMATE 50iC/5L 6 R-30iA 5kg 892 mm
ARCMATE 200iC 6 R-30iA 5kg 704 mm
ARCMATE 200iC/5H 5 R-30iA 5kg 704 mm
ARCMATE 200iC/5HS 5 R-30iA 5kg 704 mm
ARCMATE 200iC/5L 6 R-30iA 5kg 892 mm
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