OTC Daihen Robots - FD Series

KC Robotics is an authorized OTC-Daihen dealer.

Check out the next evolution in welding – A more powerful pulse welding machine with improved stability and quality for stainless and mild steel welding.

The New OTC Welding Power Supply, DP400R, an all-digital, wave-form generation, allows you to design special wave forms for pulse welding steel and aluminum. The Laser seam-tracking option makes more accurate welds than “through the arc” seam tracking.

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FD-V6 FD1166kg1402 mm±0.08 mm 
FD-V6L FD1166kg2006 mm±0.08 mm 
FD-V20 FD11620kg1710 mm±0.07 mm 
FD-H5 FD1165kg866 mm±0.05 mm 
FD-B4 FD1164kg1411 mm±0.08 mm 
FD-B4L FD1164kg2008 mm±0.08 mm 
FD-B15 FD11615kg1832 mm±0.08 mm 
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