New Nachi Robots

With over 25,000 robots installed in North America, Nachi Robotic Systems Inc. has successfully integrated systems for many applications including spot welding, arc welding, material handling, press tending, and palletizing. Their robots have payload capacities ranging from 3 – 700 kg. Nachi has become a trusted and reliable resource for robots in the United States for more than 50 years.

ST133F AX206133kg2654 mm±0.02 mmST133F-01: 1070kg ST133F-01A: 1170kg
ST166F AX206166kg2654 mm±0.02 mmST166F-01: 1070kg ST166F-01A: 1170kg
ST210F AX206210kg2674 mm±0.03 mmST133F-01: 1110kg ST133F-01A: 1210kg
MR20 AX20730kg1260 mm±0.01 mm
VS05E AX2065kg653 mm±0.02 mm
VS05LE AX2065kg854 mm±0.03 mm
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