New Motoman Robots

Motoman’s current line-up of robots consists of 175 robots that perform tasks such as welding, material handling, packaging, painting, palletizing, and finishing. They also offer 40 solutions in their ArcWorld and FabWorld series.

In 2011, Motoman moved into their newest state-of-the-art location in Miamisburg, Ohio. Due to the proximity of their headquarters and as a certified integrator, KC Robotics works very closely with Motoman to find the best solution for any client’s needs.

The robots below are only a few of the options you have to complete your integration solution. For more information on any of these robots, or to discuss your production line please email us or call us.







MA1400 DX100 6 3 kg 1434 mm (h), 2511 mm (v) ±0.08 mm
MA1800 DX100 6 15 kg 1807 mm (h), 3243 mm (v) ±0.08 mm
MA1900 DX100 6 3 kg 1904 mm (h) ±0.08 mm
MA3100 DX100 6 3 kg 3121 mm (h), 5615 mm (v) ±0.15 mm
VA1400 DX100 7 3 kg 1434 mm (h), 2475 mm (v) ±0.08 mm
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