New KUKA Small Robots

KUKA’s small robots are rated for high work speeds. They increase efficiency and productivity.

KUKA Robot Group’s dedication, innovation, and passion for the robotics industry can be seen in production lines worldwide. KC Robotics shares this brand with customers in the United States as a Platinum Integrator for KUKA.

KUKA has been committed to customers and business partners such as KC Robotics for 39 years. In 1973, KUKA unveiled the world’s first robot with 6 electromechanically driven axes. Today they carry 4 and 6 axis robots with payloads that range from 5 to 1,300 kilograms.

KR 6 R700 FIVVE KR C4 compact56kg706 mm±0.03 mm52kg
KR 6 R900 FIVVE KR C4 Compact56kg901mm±0.03 mm51kg
KR 10 R1100 FIVVE KR C4 compact510kg1101 mm±0.03 mm53kg
KR 6 R700 SIXX KR C4 Compact610kg706 mm±0.03 mm50kg
KR 6 R900 SIXX KR C4 compact66kg901 mm±0.03 mm52kg
KR 10 R900 SIXX KR C4 Compact610kg901 mm±0.03 mm52kg
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